Go Watts has found that the provision of charging infrastructure in apartment buildings is often fraught with difficulty.

  • How do you distribute the available power across a larger number of users?
  • How do you prevent a power cut in the building?
  • Can you refuse the installation of charging points?
  • How will power consumption be costed?
  • What about the maintenance of cables and installations?
  • What about fire safety and AREI inspections?

Eighteen months ago Go Watts developed a comprehensive service package, in conjunction with a number of leading property administrators, that provides a completely worry free solution for administrators and the buildings they manage.

If everyone were to start installing individual electrical charging stations there would no longer be any control over the maximum capacity of the power supply… this would considerably increase the risk of loss of power to the entire building!
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38 property administrators have already received a comprehensive study!

Find out now why Go Watts is THE go to specialist when it comes to charging solutions for apartment buildings.

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    Go Watts is a pioneer of the “Building on the basis of a shared infrastructure” idea


    Go Watts is not in favour of the idea that each resident in an apartment building should set up their own individual charging infrastructure via their own meter cupboard.

    This might work initially but in the long term the installation would become overloaded resulting in loss of power to the entire building. That is why our charging solutions are based on a shared electrical infrastructure.

    Charging an electric vehicle when you live in a flat is not straightforward.” Stefaan Leliaert, member of ‘The Syndic’ (building administration) and former chair of BIV, explains the different challenges. Listen to the 8-minute Radio 1 interview here.